In Czech, NAPOLI means "on a field" or "in a field". So what is NAPOLI? There's space, there's growth, there's an abundance of colors. We are active "in the field" of illustration and design. We create original hand-manifactured books with special attention to their visual and graphic quality. With us NAPOLI you will be intoduced to new series of optical illusions, moving systems or 3D paper objects. Now we also offer wrapping paper and new silkscreen fabric toys. And who is "on the field"? NAPOLI are Martina Kupsová, Alžběta Skálová, and Alžběta Zemanová

We are graduates from the Illustration and Typography Atelier at UMPRUM in Prague (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design). The NAPOLI organization was founded in the spring of 2011. From this time on we have participated in a number of various displays and events such as:

Designblok 2011, Pecha Kucha Night Prague vol. 26, Designsupermarket 2011/2012,

the book festivals Knihex 2012 and Tabook 2012, a series of workshops in Papelote 2012,

and other workshops: at the KomiksFest, at the library in Ústí nad Labem, at the theatre 29 in Pardubice, at the Night with Andersen event in Klementina.

Exhibitions at the gallery/shop de-sign 2011, at the Armaturka gallery in Usti nad Labem 2012

and at the Baobab galery in Tábor 2013.